Spring outfit ideas

Hello lovelies,

Phew, it’s been a while since i last posted! I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the new season. Sorry for my absence, sometimes life gets in the way. I missed writing and most of all interacting with you.

Alright, so i’ve been a naughty girl, when am i ever not naughty? Haha, i have been doing a bit of shopping here and there, coming up with some great finds. I’m all for looking good for less, that’s pretty much my life’s motto, well one of.

Ok now online shopping has taken over, just because, it’s a stress free way of shopping, in the comfort of your own home, at any time of day. How can this not be pleasurable? Some of my favourite places to shop are Boohoo, Asos, Missguided and PrettyLittleThing. I’ve also discovered a few more which i’ll be testing out over the course of the Summer.

I think the best way to test out a shop you’ve just discovered is to go straight to the sales section, as in that way, if you don’t like anything you’ve purchased you can say oh well it was just 5 dollars or pounds!

Shall we get into the fun bit? Yes!!



First up is this denim dress from Boohoo, however it’s from the brand Parisian. I didn’t know Boohoo sometimes sell other brands, was surprising to me. This dress is unforgiving, word of advise don’t eat a meal before you wear it hahaaa..

I paired the denim dress with a hat from Mark & Spencer’s men section.

Hand bag- Juicy Couture

Sunnies- Michael Kors

Mule loafers- Boohoo

Quite casual and perfect for going shopping or running errands.

IMG_4086This polka dot skirt co ord is super comfy and hugs my body really well. I liked it so much, i got it in the white as well! Another Boohoo piece.

Sandals- Boohoo

Earrings are red dangly ones from Boohoo which i thought would have been the perfect match for the polka dots.

IMG_4089Did someone say a sizzling date night? This number is sure to turn heads! With the off the shoulder and slit at the side, people will stare, so make it worth their while.


Dress- Asos

Heels- Boohoo. Affordable, comfortable and super fabulous

Earrings- Boohoo

Bag- Vera Pelle- It is Gucci inspired

IMG_4095Of course the outfits wouldn’t be complete without a pair of denim pants. These stop right at the ankles, with a bit of rip on the knee. I’m not a big fan of the overly ripped denims, i think they can be an over kill sometimes.


Shirt- PrettyLittleThing. You can do a knot at the front like i did, or tuck it into a pair of jeans, shorts or skirt. Made from a great material and quite versatile too. I loved the feel of it on my skin.

Heels- Asos from the brand Truffle

Necklace- PrettyLittleThing

Confession! Clearly i shop at lot at Boohoo. Here’s the thing, they have very gorgeous pieces that suits my body type, they are affordable and their site is easy enough to shop at. The only thing i can say about Boohoo is that some of their pieces are made from cheap materials, so be careful! Be sure to read the fabric description and look very closely at what you’re buying. I’ve learned this over the years shopping there. Basically it can be hit and miss, but i think i’ve become somewhat of an expert.

I hope you liked the looks and you’re inspired to get some for yourself. They say dressing well is a sign of good manners! It doesn’t have to be expensive my friends, the sale section and percentages off are your friends!

Thanks for indulging me. Have an amazing day!



Shaunz xoxo

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