Colourpop ‘All i see is magic’ eyeshadow palette

Hey lovelies.

I wanted to test out Colourpop eyeshadows and so decided to pick up the ‘All i see is magic’ palette, it has the type of shades that i usually gravitate towards, so naturally i purchased it.

Quite pretty packaging but almost impossible to keep clean, clearly because it is white and also the cardboard material it’s made from.



This palette has 15 shades in total- 5 mattes and 10 shimmers. I received one broken shadow, which is very annoying as i’ll have to fix it. It is also slightly heavy with no mirror.


The bits you see are glitter details
First row
Second row
Third row

I can’t say i was overly impressed with the shades in this palette. I thought they would have been a lot more pigmented, knowing Colourpop’s history!

The shimmery shades were not too bad, but i believe there will be a bit of fall out upon application. So ensure that your brush is damp or just tap excess off before you apply them.

As for the matte shades, they were a little disappointing. Some were patchy and quite frankly not the best!

I purchased mine on Amazon for $24.99, and that’s without the shipping and handling, a bit pricey might i add. I believe it would be cheaper on the Colourpop website.

Final thoughts- It’s an ok palette, i don’t hate it and i don’t love it, haha. I just expected more, but who knows maybe they will pop better with a base. I guess we’ll see!

Do you guys have this palette? Please let me know. Thanks for stopping by.



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