Colourpop “Moment of Weekness” lipsticks

Hello lovelies.

I decided to stocked up on some more Colourpop lipsticks simply because i love the formula, the pigmentation, the wide range of shades, the price point and of course they are cruelty free. I discovered Colourpop a few years ago and i was quite astonished at how amazing this brand was and still continues to be just that!

Now these ultra matte lipsticks came in a pack of 7 @ $29.99, which i thought was not bad for great quality lipsticks. What really got me was the name on the packaging, i love any product that has clean, playful and fun packaging.

It is called ‘Moment of weekness. Basically, the package consists of 7 lipsticks, with each one carrying a day of the week. Not only that, but if you read the package in which each individual lipstick comes in, it describes how one feels on a particular day. IMG_3319

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Friday- Jet black. Very pigmented and comfortable on lips.
Saturday- Deep berry. Needs more than one application for opacity
Tuesday-Hints of coral, pink and red. Bit patchy upon application.
Monday- Nudish pink. Pigmented and gorgeous shade.

Final thoughts:

Great range of shades, with long lasting finish. As mentioned above, some need building up but tends to get patchy when you do so. That’s the only downside i’ve seen so far.

The price is great as if you do the maths, you pay about $4 each, and these are full sized.

My favourites were Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I felt like these had a better formula than the others. However Saturday needed a few coats but beautiful once applied.

They weren’t scented as far as i can tell and again they are cruelty free. I would recommend.

Have you tried these before? Are you a fan of Colourpop? Let me hear your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by.

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2 thoughts on “Colourpop “Moment of Weekness” lipsticks

  1. I love black lipstick. On some people it looks so sophisticated. I wish I could pull it off without looking like an emo teenager. Ahahaha.


    1. Me too, and it so happens this is the first i’ve purchased one with such a lovely finish, formula and lasting power. Girl i bet you can rock it, just keep everything else simple. Lmao, that’s funny..Here’s a tip..Some nice lashes, black lips, you can put some shimmer in the middle of the black lipstick to give it a nice pop.Try it..


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