Be bold, be fun, be you! Happy 2018 everyone

Hello lovely friends! Happy 2018 to you all. I trust that everyone had an amazing Christmas and New years. I had a wonderful time in the cold weather, now i’m back in the warm, sunny isle i call home Antigua. Back to reality!

I was just playing around with my makeup and came across an Urban Decay palette i bought about 4 years ago and decided to take it for a little spin. I have fallen so deeply in love with very bold looks and this year i want to experiment even more. It’s high time i completely step outside of my comfort zone of always gravitating towards warmer, more neutral tones.

On to this look i created, i was very pressed for time but decided that i was going to do it anyway. It was a challenge trying to do a bold eye look within minutes, knowing how much of a perfectionist i can be sometimes!

However i loved the outcome and i hope you do too. I must also add that this was an easy to achieve look, not much to it, to top it off i went for neutral lips.

IMG_2365 IMG_2359

Let me know what colours or shades you love to wear. Thanks for stopping by.



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Out going, creative, fun!

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