Being thankful!


Coming from the islands, we never celebrated Thanksgiving day as it was mainly a tradition for the United States. I always wanted to know the significance of setting aside one day of the year for Thanksgiving, so i did a little research.

According to Wiki, Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday that’s celebrated in Canada, the United States, some Caribbean islands and Liberia, who knew?

Thanksgiving day is observed as a day for giving thanks and blessings of the harvest. Now i’m familiar with the United States Thanksgiving day, and all i can say from what i’ve gathered is, it is a feast for family and friends. They all get together and eat and drink to their hearts content. Sounds like a fun time to me haha.

However with all that eating and drinking, you have to step back and ask the question. What am i truly thankful for? Here are 5 things i’m thankful for.

1. I’m in good health

2. I’m able to teach, reach and inspire others

3. I have family and friends who i love dearly and they love me right back

4. I’m able to do things in life that makes me truly happy, like travelling, blogging and creating content

5. I have wonderful supporters on all my socials, who are growing with me every step of the way

What are you thankful for?

Have a wonderful, safe and happy Thanksgiving Day.




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