The Ordinary Serum foundation

‘Well sought after’ is the term used to describe this tiny bottle of foundation! I’ve heard so many beauty gurus speak highly of this product, so i wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

First of all it’s almost impossible to get your hands on it and when you do it’s a long wait, unbelievable! However i had no problem getting a hold of this foundation as Beauty Bay always saves the day, that’s where i get a lot of my makeup and beauty items by the way.

Ok, let’s talk about this foundation that has a lot of people waiting in queues. With 21 shades to choose from, ranging from light to dark, there’s something there for almost everyone.

Here are some of the claims;

1.It gives a lightweight, natural coverage

2.It’s suitable for all skin tones

3.It gives a semi matte finish

4.Has SPF 15

My thoughts: I did a review/demo of this foundation on my channel and i was very impressed! I didn’t think it would give such a nice finish and feel, given the price Β£5.75, which is quite inexpensive if you ask me. Now i know why it’s always sold out!

Super light feel on my skin, with a beautiful finish, almost airbrush like. To test it out even more, i decided to wear it to do some shopping. I have oily skin, so what i’ve been doing lately is the powder before foundation trick, which i’m sure some of you might be familiar with. If you’re not sure what this is, it is a technique used to control oil, so basically what you do is prime your face, apply translucent powder (on areas that are likely to get oily), then apply foundation. This seems to work for me, so it’s become a part of my routine. Back to the story, i was out shopping for at least 5 hrs, and the foundation still looked great on my skin, i did see a tiny bit of shine, but i like to think of it as a healthy glow haha. I came home, did some stuff around the house and the foundation was still in tact, but by then i was quite oily, which was no surprise to me.

I say all of that to say this, i think it is an amazing foundation! I would definitely repurchase. The shade i got 3.2N deep neutral, was a tad bit darker than my skin tone, but i don’t mind, as i’ll be frolicking in the sunshine in a few weeks time.



Have you tried this foundation before? See review on my channel, link below. Thanks for stopping by.



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10 thoughts on “The Ordinary Serum foundation

      1. Yes def, they are an online beauty shop and they do ship to the US..Let me know if you give it a go, i mean, it’s pretty decent for the price πŸ˜‰


    1. Oh have you? I haven’t tried their skincare as yet but i will. Yes they have two foundations, definitely check them out xx


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