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Hello my friends, it’s been a while! Hope you’re all well.

I had the chance to revisit one of my favourite cities over the weekend, and as expected i had a good time. London is such an interesting, lively, wonderful place to visit. So much life everywhere you turned, lots to do and see, very rich history.

I didn’t get to do everything i had set out to do but i was very pleased that i got to see some of the places that i fell in love with.

First thing on my list was to get some exercise in whilst sightseeing, i think this is one of the ideal ways of actually taking in all the historic sites, as opposed to taking a bus, taxi or train. We set out on a hot day, which wasn’t a very good idea, but we were on a mission haha.

The first stop was the National history Museum, where you can find some of the most fascinating creatures to ever grace this earth! A must see if you’re ever in the London area. My favourite bit was seeing the dinosaur being brought to life, it was scary yet interestingly realistic!

After the museum tour, we did a few parks, namely Hyde Park, Green Park and The St.James Park. Buckingham Palace was not to be missed, so of course we made our way there and as expected packed with people from all walks of life.

The last places we passed by were Southbank to see the London Eye, i’ve been on it a few years ago, such a wonderful experience, very gentile! Then West Minster to see good old Big Ben, “the prince of time keepers”: The biggest and most accurate four faced, striking and chiming clock in the world.

If this wasn’t a day well spent, then i don’t know what is! After about four hours of walking on a quite muggy day, it was time to call it quits and head back to the hotel to regroup!P1010887


I truly enjoyed my day in London City, won’t be long before i’m there again. Thanks for stopping by!


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2 thoughts on “London travels

    1. It’s got a lot of history and a hugeee place lol. People are always crowded outside taking pics! You must visit, so you can at least say you’ve been there. Had a lovely time, thank you, been before actually 😉


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