Lunch with girlfriends


It’s always fun when my girlfriends and i get together, there’s never a dull moment. I’m surrounded by beautiful, smart women who empower each other. There is nothing more distasteful than females who try to bring each other down, so i quickly run for the hills if i sense that.

We decided to do lunch and bounce ideas off of each other. Let’s just say, we are all aspiring business women, so listening to each others potential business ventures and giving our input helps tremendously.

Moral of the story is, surround yourself with like minded, positive, hardworking individuals, who will support and cheer you on.

It doesn’t hurt to be at a lovely beach restaurant either! haha. This location is Jacqui O’s Love Beach, wonderful food and scenery!

Stay beautiful!


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2 thoughts on “Lunch with girlfriends

  1. I’m with you on that point. As an aspiring business woman, it’s important to be in good company that thinks on your level. I think it’s great that women like yourselves are looking to become producers rather than stay consumers. It’s the only secure job you’ll ever have.

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