Happy April 1st!


This stands out in my head so much! Haha. I remember as a child i was fooled all the time and it really annoyed me as i didn’t get that it was just people making jokes.

It was such a big practice on April 1st in Jamaica, and a lot of people were amused by it. Imagine being told by a relative or sibling that your mom wanted you to do small jobs, then when you go ask your mom, she said it’s not the case! I was so livid, after all that they’d then laugh and say gotcha ‘Tom Fool’s day’, this was the name for it in Jamaica.  Sometimes they’d take it to the extent of making you go to see someone, not knowing they are all in cahoots, you see the person, they then send you to see someone else and it carries on until one person caves, this is called sending the fool a little further, haha! Looking back now it is quite hilarious, my childhood was never a dull one.

It’s not practiced so much today as it was then, i suppose there are other fun things that have taken over, modern days!

Have you fooled anyone? I might try!

Have a safe and happy April 1st.

Love, Shaunz

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