Battle of the setting powders

I started using setting powders as a part of my full face makeup routine about five years ago. This is after learning how to properly do so from watching a few Youtube videos and  taking makeup classes. The first one i used was the Ben Nye banana powder, then i moved on to using the Fashion Fair and Sascha Buttercup. I liked all of them, they have individual qualities that work well for my skin tone.

How to use setting powders-

After applying concealer to the areas you wish to highlight, use the powders to set and lock concealer in place so it doesn’t budge, some people like to bake, this simply means they leave the setting powder on for a little longer, say about 10 minutes, which should result in a creaseless, flawless, more long lasting finish. They can also be used as an all over face powder. A brush or sponge can be used for application.

Sascha Buttercup setting powder-

This has become a popular sensation in the makeup world. It claims to blend naturally,  gives an all day matte look, with no ashy flash back. Suitable for medium to deep skin tones. It is finely milled, easy to work with and gives a beautiful finish, when used to set concealers. One of my favourite setting powders to use.



Ben Nye Banana powder-

Now before Sascha came along, Ben Nye took us by storm! Every beauty guru raved about this product and as an avid makeup lover, i decided to jump on the bandwagon. This powder is much lighter in colour than the Sascha buttercup powder which is more yellow. They are both said to be finely milled.

It claims  to give a smooth finish, when used to set concealers in place or even when used  as an all over face powder. It won’t clog pores and it also reduces shine. It is great for warmer skin tones or when a warm based highlight is needed.

I’ve heard that this powder gives flashbacks but i haven’t experienced that. What i usually do after dusting off the excess setting powder is to go over that with my all over face powder, making sure that everything is seamless, leaving no harsh lines on my face, then i’d spritz my face with some setting spray to reduce the look of any ashy, cakey ,cast like look.IMG_0894


Fashion Fair setting powder-

Described as a sheer translucent powder, that is smudge resistant, water proof and fragrance free. It can be used to set concealer in place as well as an all over face powder. Suitable for most skin tones. I really like this setting powder, when used on fairer skin tones it gives a beautiful and  flawless finish.IMG_0899

There are a few more setting powders on the market that i’m very keen on trying out. The Laura Mercier, Airspun and Rcma, i’ve heard great reviews on these so i’ll have to see what all the fuss is about.

What are your favourite setting/all over powders? Any recommendations?,

Until next time, stay beautiful!

Love,Shaunz xo

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6 thoughts on “Battle of the setting powders

  1. Nice post dear. I’ve only used ben nye. I love that it give matte finish but i hate it’s cakiness. Presently, I use the W7 banana dreams powder. It’s translucent and very good. Not good at controlling oil though

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    1. Thanks sweetie, what about the Sascha buttercup have you tried it? It’s meant to be really good, if you get a chance maybe you could try it out. Oh never heard of the w7, i would need something for oil control though. There are so many setting powders on the market, i’m still testing xo


  2. Great post! I’m not using powders so I don’t have any suggestions but the powders that your using sounds very great! ThnQ for sharing I will keep them in mind. If I decide one day to use a powder I would like to try them out. Because your make up is always popping!😙

    Miss B.💋

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    1. Aww thanks beautiful, oh if you do try any, let me know. They can be used to set your foundation as well, especially the translucent ones. Thanks so much, i appreciate it xoxo

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