Carnival makeup

Good day beauties, let’s hope we all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a productive week.

Carnival has been in full swing in some countries, it’s a time of fun and enjoyment, showcasing beautifully made costumes with vibrant colours. Let’s just say it’s a celebration of art, whether for makeup or the design and making of the costumes.

One of the most interesting parts of carnival of course is the makeup, you can choose to go minimal or all the way out! Personally i’m obsessed with all the rhinestones, gems, glitters and paints that are used to create fabulous looks. Even though i won’t be a part of the celebrations, i wanted to share my look, you might get some inspiration as well as ideas on what you can create if you are planning to be a part of these festivals.

Now this look is bold, playful and fun! I have done looks like this before but to me this one stands out. Here it is guys!



I loved the combination of pinks, oranges and purples. For me blending these colours together takes time and patience, especially if you want a seamless and flawless finish.

For the lips i opted for an ombre effect, i’ve paired Coloured Raines ‘Berri Raine’ liquid lipstick with LA Girl’s liquid lipstick in ‘Dreamy’. Such a superb look, which you can achieve.

Want to see how i did this look? Click on link.


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