Spring nails alert!

Hello beauties, happy Monday, hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Spring is on the horizon and it’s a wonderful feeling. Winter is wrapping up and i can’t wait for the bright colours to make their entrance. It sounds crazy when i say that i can’t wait as i live in the islands but i do travel so i get to experience a bit of everything. I especially feel for my friends and family who live in the colder regions of the world, be not dismayed warmer days are ahead.

I usually like to start things off way before time, my excitement gets the best of me sometimes, or it could be that i’m trying to get into the spirit!

Take a look at this gorgeous blue nail polish. I’ve done my nails in a coffin shape and i’m so loving it, i’m more of a round nail kinda girl but lately i’ve been really obsessed with this style.


The right length too, i find them a bit difficult to use when they are too long. Do you like this colour and shape?

Let me know what colour and shape you like to wear. Thanks for indulging me.

Love, Shaunz xo

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9 thoughts on “Spring nails alert!

  1. I love the colour as well as the shape i prefer them to be a bit more coffin shaped but this looks really nice 🙂 i wanted to try doing the coffin shape cause i do my own nails but i don’t like them super long and to have a nice coffin shape they have to have length like what you have for it to look good. Short coffin nails to me just don’t cut it lol. But the colour is nice and shape 🙂

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    1. Yes, they can be more coffin shaped, but since they are not that long, the nail tech reckon she wasn’t able to do them like that. I do know what you mean, i’ll try to get them just at the right length to do them that way, then i won’t be able to do a thing lol. Thanks love and you’re right short coffin nails don’t cut it haha..

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      1. Yea exactly, that’s it. I don’t think anything needs to change. It looks great as it is for the length you wanted. I don’t like ridiculously long nails either and that’s a workable length where you won’t feel crippled. And your right when you have long nails your toast lol idk how ppl move around with really long ones lol It looks great as it nothing needs to change 🙂

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    1. Thank you, i like the oval too, i was wearing it the other day. Oooh i also like darks, it all depends on how i’m feeling hehe..


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