Affordable beauty sponges

Beauty sponges have taken the makeup world by storm! If you haven’t tried them out as yet, what are you waiting for? haha. Now i’ve been a fan of them since they just came on the scene, after testing them out i’ve realised that they blend out my concealer like a dream. I know some people use them for foundation application, but personally i think they soak up too much and not to mention getting the foundation completely out when it comes to washing them!

I’ve tried the Real Techniques sponges which were awesome and also some of the cheaper alternatives which also worked well for me. There is one that sits on top of the ladder and that’s the Beauty blender, which are the more expensive ones, hey i think they all have one common goal, providing you wash and take care of them!

Now i stumbled upon a value pack of beauty sponges on Amazon and i wasn’t about to say no, i love a good bargain. These are from Shany Cosmetics, if you weren’t aware, Shany Cosmetics are a cruelty free brand, that’s very affordable with good quality products. I support brands that cater for people who are on a budget but are still looking for quality items, and Shany Cosmetics is one of the brands that answers the call.

Take a look at these beauties, they come in 10 different shapes, sizes and colours, what more could you ask for? They are super soft, and are meant to fit every part of the face. Not to mention inexpensive, coming in at a price  tag of $14.95usd.


This is how Shany Cosmetics advises that you clean your sponges, I use baby shampoo to wash mine, i’ll try this method they’ve shown to see if there’s a difference.fullsizerender

I briefly mentioned up top how i use my sponges, i use them for concealer application, that’s after spritzing them with a little setting spray, some people use water. Then i proceed to buffing out the concealer and also add my setting powder too. They can also be used for contouring as in applying and buffing out contour powder or cream. If using them to apply your foundation works for you, that’s great too.

What are your favourite beauty sponges to use? Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Shaunz xo

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