Happy New Year!

We are almost into 2017! This year flew by so quickly but i’ve managed to get most of what i had set out to do done, so i can pat myself on the back and say well done girl.

It’s been quite a year, i’ve lost and i’ve gained, it made me realise that life is full of surprises and we should never take anything for granted. We should make the most out of any situation and turn negatives into positives.

What are some of my plans for 2017?

1. Promote my brand Shaunz World some more (grow my Youtube Channel)

2. Set up my businesses

3. Travel

4. Finish teaching myself French

5. Live, love, laugh and enjoy life

I have a long list but these are basically the top 5 things i’d like to do, some i’ve already started. What are your goals/plans for the upcoming year? Whatever you wish to achieve do so to the best of your ability, put your heart and soul in it and you’ll see great results.

Have a happy, safe, bright and prosperous New Year. See you in 2017.


This is look 2 of my New Years eve makeup series, do check out tutorial on my channel, click on link below. Thank you always.

Love, Shaunz xoxo

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