How i apply false lashes

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I know it’s a struggle sometimes getting our false lashes to sit perfectly or at all onto our natural lashes, so i’m here to show you how to get it done. I’ve been practicing for years and i still trip up, to this very day haha.

False lashes have become such a staple in makeup routines, so knowing how to apply them is a rewarding feeling. If you’re new at applying them, it doesn’t happen overnight, you’ll get frustrated but the key is to keep practising and no doubt you’ll get there.

I’ve done a video on my channel showcasing my way of applying false lashes, i’ve been using that method for a long time and it works for me, mind you, we may all have different techniques but there really isn’t any wrong or right, as long as you get it done.

I am strongly against the use of hair glue, which i’ve seen a lot of people using. Your natural lashes are sensitive and so are your eyes, hair glue was not designed to be used on your lashes. I’ve heard lashes last longer when hair glue is used but for me, i’d rather take my false lashes off after each wear, i think it’s much safer that way.


Here are the tools used:




Duo lash glue


Basically when i’m done applying my falsies, i’d use a liquid or gel liner to sweep across the lash band so it blends in and look more natural. I prefer using lashes that have very thin bands as they are so much easier to apply. Hope you found the video easy to follow.

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3 thoughts on “How i apply false lashes

    1. Thank you so much, it’s practise and lots of it lol. I used to find it impossible, but i was determined to learn, so i kept trying until i got the hang of it. If you’re keen you should keep trying sweetie, you’ll get it..xo

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