Some of the best eyeshadow primers


Hello everyone, welcome back. Today i’ll be speaking on eyeshadow primers, i’ve basically narrowed down to the ones that are the best in my opinion. I’ve been using eyeshadow primers since they came on the market and  i’ve tried quite a few that were so bad they had to be binned!

Who wants to get their eyeshadows perfectly placed and well blended then to realise after an hours or so they’ve disappeared into thin air? Not me and believe me when i say this, i’ve lost count of how many times this has happened, haha. Here’s a quick story, i remember a few years ago, i attended IMATS London, do bear in mind this is a place where makeup artists and the likes gather, so everyone made sure their faces were properly done up. Now i spent a bit of extra time making sure that my makeup was ‘popping’ and it sure was. I got to IMATS, looked around a bit checked out a few stalls and picked up products here and there, this was about two hours or less into shopping, i nipped off to the bathroom to check my face, as you do! To my surprise my eyeshadows melted away, there wasn’t a sign of any colour on my lids! Oh no, what to do? I wasn’t about to reapply after spending all that time home, so i got a piece of tissue and wiped my lids off, oil and everything, luckily i had lashes on so it didn’t look so bad, oh and i also have hooded eyes so when i open my eyes, you wouldn’t be able to see a thing, haha. I’ve said all of that to say this, i never used that eyeshadow primer ever again, it went straight into the bin and i decided to invest in a primer that was at the top of every beauty gurus list. That’s the Urban Decay primer potion.

Ladies and gentlemen i’ve never looked back since, it is the best primer i’ve ever used. My eyeshadows never budge and they last for hours on my lids, it doesn’t get any better than that. However as someone who’s very much a makeup collector i wanted to see what else was out there, so naturally i tried others. The Too faced shadow insurance and The Balm put a lid on it, i have to say come very close to the Urban Decay primer potion. I’m especially impressed by The Balm put a lid on it primer, i think it’s very good, again my eyeshadows stay in place for a long time.

To sum this up, my all time favourite primer will forever be the Urban Decay primer potion. I’ve made sure to stock up so i never run out, they are a bit pricey but worth every penny.

What’s your favourite primer? I’ve been hearing about Elf eyeshadow primer, what do you think about it, is it worth trying? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for indulging me.

Shaunz xo

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2 thoughts on “Some of the best eyeshadow primers

    1. Ah i’m glad to hear that, yes the UD primer has got to be the best, i couldn’t live without it haha. I’m glad i could be of help, thank you so much for visiting 🙂 xo

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