City Color Harvest Moon palette+ Highlighting Trio

Hello friends,

Hope you’re having a great week so far. As usual i’m out finding deals to share with you. I like to splurge sometimes but the prices on some makeup brands are just down right ridiculous! The point is there are so many affordable and really good brands out there that  are comparable.

I discovered City Color on Amazon about two years ago and they got some amazing reviews so i thought to myself why not try them out. I purchased six of their matte lipsticks and i was impressed with the pigmentation and quality, the only thing that bothered me a bit was that the lipsticks were very close in colour, so it made it seem as if i swatched or wore the same shade, they will have to look into that.

I liked the brand so much that i picked up a small neutrals palette and also their contour kit which i thought was a powder contour kit but after receiving it i realised it was cream, how annoying? I’m not a fan of cream products, my type of skin doesn’t tolerate it very much. I have said this before if i like a particular brand or item, i always go back for more, so i went back on Amazon, clicked on City Color cosmetics and browsed through their collection. They do have a wide selection of products so it was quite difficult to choose, especially if you’re just impulse buying. Reviews always help to narrow down the search so that’s what i went by eventually. I then discovered this eyeshadow and highlighter palette i’ll be showing you.

Before i review or share my thoughts, i always try out the items, so i can give you a better overview. Now let’s talk about the pigmentation, it is amazing, i barely had to swipe the eyeshadow and highlighter. One thing i found out about the eyeshadow is that using a brush doesn’t do it justice, so i had to use my finger which seemed to do the trick, i don’t know if it was the type of brush i used but it didn’t work very well. A part from that there isn’t anything bad i can say about these palettes.

Harvest Moon Palette:

1.Affordable- $7.84


3.Not tested on animals

4.Travel friendly (Made from a light weight cardboard material)

5.16 neutral foiled/shimmery shadesfullsizerender-52fullsizerender-49

First Rowfullsizerender-48

Second Rowfullsizerender-47

Highlight Trio

  1. Affordable-$10.45
  2. Highly pigmented
  3. Three golden highlighters to choose from
  4. Not tested on animals


You don’t always need to spend a lot of money on makeup to get good quality, sometimes all you need to do is take the time out to browse around and see what’s there. Have you guys tried this makeup line? Let me know, thanks for stopping by, have a great day ahead.

If you want to see or hear a bit more about these palettes, do check out my video.

Love, Shaunz xo

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