Eyebrow routine

Properly groomed brows helps to shape your face, it’s also a vital part of how your makeup looks upon completion.  There’s no point having everything else in tact if your brows aren’t looking right. What i do is shave the stray hairs every two weeks, this helps me to maintain my desired shape. Some people prefer to thread, wax or tweeze and quite frankly they all work, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

I have developed a routine over a few years and it works very well for me. I have good days and bad days, it’s still a learning process for me. What i do to my brows i consider it to be easy, some would beg to differ.




Tools used in my routine:

After brushing my brows in place with a spoolie, i then used the L’oreal brow artist pencil in 03 brunette to outline the shape of my brows by sketching out a line at the top and the bottom.image

I then used the Rimmel brow kit in dark brown along with an angle brush to fill them in, doing this allows my brows to appear fuller, this works especially if you have sparse brows. To tidy up ad make my brows look neater i used NC45 from the Mac pro conceal palette with a flat brush.image


These were the brushes used, the purple fluffy brush was used to blend the concealer into my skin, blending the concealer is key, this will ensure that there isn’t an halo effect, meaning no harsh lines left around the brow area.fullsizerender-36

Most of us have different routines, the end game is to achieve great looking, natural brows. If you still have problems, don’t worry, keep practicing, brows can be tricky sometimes. Remember too they are sisters not twins! They will never be the same, but aim at getting them to look the same.

See how i did mine from start to finish by watching this video. Thanks for stopping by.

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