Revolution 144 eyeshadow palette-collection 2017

Hello hello, you have probably noticed by now that whenever i see a bargain of any kind, i’m going to share it or them with you. Today it will be an eyeshadow palette that i saw at a discounted price in my local drugstore Superdrug. Revolution is one of the most sought after drugstore brands, that usually delivers quite amazing products, at very affordable prices. If you’re not in the UK, chances are you’ll be able to find them on Amazon or Ebay. I think this brand has a very bright future, i’ll be testing out some more of their products as time goes by, so i’ll be sure to share that with you as well.


This is the first row


Last row


Random colours picked


Now this palette is perfect if you are new to makeup  and you want to experiment a bit or  if you’re just someone like me who’s drawn to beautiful palettes haha. It has all the colours that you could possibly need in a palette. At first i though that all the shades were shimmery, but then i discovered it had a few mattes as well.

My thoughts on this palette, the colours are beautiful and smooth to the touch, however some of the shades are more pigmented than others. Using a base usually brings out the pigments more, so i would recommend that you use a white base for the brighter colours and a black base for the darker colours. I also noticed that the really shimmery ones have a bit of fall out, so what i do is spritz my brush with some fix + from Mac, or any other setting spray will suffice.

With 144 shades to choose from, you’ll never be stuck for ideas. The holidays are fast approaching so this will come in very handy. I believe the regular price for this palette was £2o, and it went down to £10, so you can see why i bought it. Also if you’re a fan of or you’ve used Revolution before then you’d know that this palette going for £10, is a steal!

Overall i really do like this palette, the price point is amazing for 144 shades! I think it is worth it.

A tip, this would make a great christmas gift, so be sure to get it from your nearest Superdrug or online.

Love, Shaunz

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4 thoughts on “Revolution 144 eyeshadow palette-collection 2017

    1. It is!.. yes using a facial mist or setting spray will help with fall outs and also set the eyeshadow in place, sometimes it even makes the eyeshadows pop a bit more too..😃

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