Neutral makeup of the day +(bold Lips)

Hello everyone!


Don’t you just love a clean, fresh, no hassle makeup look sometimes? They say less is more and it is certainly the case for me when it comes on to makeup at times. I won’t lie, i am all for a full face with the eyes well done up but other times i just feel like keeping it a bit more simple.

Today was that day, i had to dash out the house very quickly, so i did something really quick, yet fabulous and this is what i did. As you can see it’s somewhat of a more relaxed and easy to achieve look with some bold lips. I find that whenever i do a simple makeup look and i wear very bold lips, it looks like i’ve put a lot of effort into the look but it is quite the opposite haha.

Here’s a quick run through of the look. I always moisturise and prime my face before applying my foundation which is my favourite at the moment, Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink in the shade B70. This foundation is great if you have oily skin, it’s quite mattifying and long lasting, with what i think is a light coverage, but i find a way to build it up. To set my foundation, i used the Mac mineralise skin finish powder in dark deep, my holygrail face powder.

For the eyes, very subtle, the lashes gave it such a flirty finish. I did my regular winged liner using the NYC liquid liner. Popped ‘crushed it’ from the Violet Voss Drench Metals palette into my inner tear ducts to make me look more awake.

The lips are a bold, vibrant violet shade from LA girls cosmetics called ‘love triangle’. It is a matte lipstick and it is quite comfortable on the lips as well.

Products used to achieve look


Now i’m off to run some errands, hope you liked the look. What are some of the looks you like to wear when you’re in a hurry? I’d like to hear from you.

Love, Shaunz xo

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