Activated Charcoal

I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about activated charcoal and of course i did some research just to get more insight. It is used for a host of things including whitening teeth, treating body odour, relieving discomfort from insect bites, treating alcohol poisoning, treating  acne and so on. However today i’ll be focusing on the benefits of using activated charcoal on the skin.

According to my research, it is quite effective at controlling acne, as it absorbs oils and toxins on and below the surface of the skin, therefore leaving the skin smoother. It is mostly recommended for oily skin and should be used sparingly, say 1-2 a week. Individuals with dry skin are urged to stay away as it might dry out the skin even more. It is also great at minimising and unblocking the pores. Here’s a bonus for us who wear makeup, it is a great makeup remover!

Now i decided to try this product out so i picked up a facial scrub, i guess this is my way of testing out the product without committing too much. I have tried this once and it actually did make the surface of my skin smoother. I’m not saying anything new here as that’s what scrubs are meant to do right? Activated charcoal, comes in soap or mask forms as well, but for now i’m trying out the facial scrub. It is also available in different brands, this one is from Beauty Formulas and i got this from my local shop, Savers.


After cleansing my face, i left it wet, applied the scrub all over my face and neck in circular motions. I do this for about 30 secs, or until i was satisfied that the product was soaked into my skin, i then washed it off and pat my face dry. It was that easy!


Preferably 1-2 times a week, as using it too much can take away the skin’s natural oils. If you have dry skin, i wouldn’t encourage you to use this, as i mentioned above, it may make your skin even drier. Make sure the skin is cleansed before using.



I think this will be a part of my skin routine, so i’ll make sure to keep you guys updated, i might try other brands as well. Let me know if you’ve ever used activated charcoal, i’d like to know what you think.

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