My natural hair care

I’m always on the look out for any hair product that claims to work for my hair type, which i believe is 4b, kinky coily. I stumbled upon this co wash cleansing conditioner and decided to give it a whirl, i’ve been using it for a few weeks now and i can’t say i’m enamoured of it.

Cantu hair products have been my go to since i went natural, this line seems to do an ok enough job. The problem is my hair gets really dry and it doesn’t retain moisture as much as i’d like it to. I’ve also tried Shea Moisture, Creme of Nature and a few others which seem to work ok as well for my hair.

Pierre’s Apothecary Co wash cleansing conditioner:

Now this Co-wash cleansing conditioner which i’m going to speak about caught my eyes in the shop. It claims to be 5-In-1, non stripping formula.



-Deep conditions


-Leave in conditioner

It’s meant to be for coarse hair as well. It has zero sulfates, parabens, silicones, dyes, harsh salts and gluten. It contains sweet almond which repairs brittle hair and aids with growth and shea butter which softens and strengthens.

If you’re a natural then immediately you would be sold by this products as it ticks all the boxes. My problem with this product is that it makes my hair feel dry and hard after washing. It also claims to not lather because it doesn’t contain harsh sulfates but it lathers! Which is not a problem for me, but i found it quite strange.

Will i repurchase this product? Don’t think so, i just don’t like the way my hair feels after using it. Could it be that my hair isn’t coarse enough? It did say it’s for coarse hair. Has anyone used this product? I’d like to hear from you and also what hair product/s on the market is worth trying for 4b typed hair.



In the meantime i’ve posted a video on my wash day routine, swing by and let me know what you think. Thanks for indulging me always.

Love, Shaunz

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6 thoughts on “My natural hair care

  1. Hey girl! I tried the color-treated version of this product and I LOVED it! My hair has been a bit stringy and puffy after coloring it and after using Shea Moisture products and Kinky Curly, this product has given me hope for healthy hair again. After using the product both on soaking wet and slightly damp hair, I achieved the best results on slightly damp here that did leave my hair slightly crunchy as if I had a “gel cast” but it made my curls so defined, my hair shiny and my color vibrant. I hope this helps!

    Also if you don’t mind me asking, where did you purchase yours? I was lucky to find mine at Ross during a random shopping trip! I’m just happy that I was daring enough to try something new!

    Great site btw!


    1. I have used both the color treated and the for curly hair of this product. I also use it as a leave in. I have an issue with my hair being dry after I wash which has been an issue for me with most other products. The color treated hair works best on my hair.

      Oddly, I found this at The Grocery Outlet in San Jose, CA for $5.99 and purchased six of them because I cannot find them anywhere else.

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      1. I seem to have that problem too sometimes when i wash my hair, it’s dry. Oh awesome, yea they aren’t easy to come back so i would be like you and pick up a few haha..


  2. Oh have you? Wow i must have a search for it. I love the sound of it, kinda what i’m looking for. I purchased it at TK Maxx in England, you might be able to get it on Amazon, you should definitely check for it. Awesome and thank you very much..;)


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