Freshly painted nails!



Oh the little joys in life! Just had my nails freshly painted in the classic french tips and my hands feel and look brand new. I remember many years ago, i used to get my nails done and this was always what i asked to get done.

The french tips are so classy, they can be worn to work, school (College or University) and of course play. As i had mentioned in a few post back, i’m wearing and embracing my natural nails, i did manage to put some gel powder on but only for a quick stint, as i missed my natural nails.

Basically my nail technician filed my nails in the square shape as requested, i wore the pointy nails for summer, so it was time for a change. She put a few coats of the gellish polish on my nails , let them dry under the UV light, which takes a few seconds just to seal the polish. No hassle and in a very short period my nails were perfect and they won’t smudge.

Thanks to K&K Nails for always making sure my nails are fabulous, great service and always friendly staff.


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