Bourjois rouge edition velvet lipsticks


Popped in my local drugstore  a couple of weeks ago and something caught my attention! Mind you i only went in the store for a body wash, haha. The colours had me, so i quickly swatched a few of them and what do you know, they were in my basket, oh boy!

First things first, i liked the fact that they were small enough to fit in my makeup bag, the colours looked really rich from the swatch and they were on sale! From swatching them, they felt quite creamy and velvety and the colour range they had were very wearable and suitable for all skin tones.

Here’s the downside and i hate to break it to you, but i have to be honest. In all my excitement, i couldn’t wait to get home so i could really put them to the test. Whilst applying one of them to my lips i realised that one coat barely showed up, so of course i applied another coat, still very sheer. This simply means i have to apply several coats for this lipstick to actually pop, so i applied three to four coats in all. They claim to have a matte finish as well, so i sat there waiting for the lipstick to dry to a matte finish but no such luck, it had more of a semi matte finish if that!

I was a  little bit disappointed i must say, nonetheless i wore that said lipstick out to lunch and boy oh boy did it stand the test, i had a sandwich and it barely budged! I was pleasantly surprised and excited as finally some good did come out of it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is there are upsides to these lipsticks, even though i applied several coats, waited for it to dry matte, which it didn’t, it had lasting power, and my lips didn’t feel dry at all.

So this brand of lipstick claims to be:

Bold, matte and long lasting with 24 hrs hold.

Lightweight, velvety texture and non drying formula, which gives extreme comfort that doesn’t smudge.

I’d say they ticked most of the boxes, which for a drugstore product works for me. Overall they are pretty decent and i will be wearing them for sure. They retail for £8.99, we can choose to argue whether this is a bit pricey or not, in my opinion they are a bit pricey, especially for a drugstore lipstick.

Here are the swatches-


As you can see they are quite bold shades, and once you build up the colour, they are absolutely gorgeous.

Do check out my lip swatches, here’s the video. Enjoy and thanks for watching.

Love,Shaunz xo

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