Happy birthday to me!



Hey guys,

As i get older i no longer anticipate my birthdays, who wants to be reminded that they are indeed getting older? Haha. I have to admit though, there is a special feeling when friends and family extend wishes and sometimes if i’m lucky there might be a gift or two, best part!

I’m just thrilled to be alive, happy and in good health, to me those are the most important things, everything else is secondary.

To make this blog post a little exciting i’ve decided to do the birthday tag, if you know me then you’d know i’m a tag lover! Let’s jump right into the questions.

1.When is your birthday?

My birthday is today, yippee!

2.How old are you turning?

Now i never like to tell anyone my age, so let’s just say i’m old enough, haha.

3.What was your favourite present that you’ve received?

All i’ve received so far are birthday wishes, which is awesome, puts a smile on my face. However i am looking forward to some gifts later on.

4.Are you having a party for your birthday?

No not this year, it’s a lot of work so quite frankly i’d rather just enjoy a quite one, maybe go to dinner and Β be looked after. Even though parties sometimes can be fun!

5.How do you usually celebrate birthdays?

It all depends on how i feel that particular year and that particular day! Sometimes i invite friends and family for a meal or other times i get dressed up and go out with my significant other and have a romantic evening.

6.What was the most memorable birthday you’ve had?

Nothing comes to mind!

7.If you had an unlimited amount of money, what would you do for your birthday?

Good question, i’d probably travel to one of my favourite destinations and enjoy some shopping, sightseeing and of course relaxation.

8.What’s on your birthday wish list?

Travelling to some more European countries


A lovely designer handbag

A car

Shopping spree

There might be other things that are on my wish list but for now i’ll stick to these. Hope i at least receive one from this list.

This was fun, i hope you enjoyed reading. Now let me go plan my day!

Love, Shaunz xo


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