The Jamaican tag

Hello beautiful,

I’m such a sucker for tags! You wouldn’t be able to tell as i don’t do them much. I find that you learn so much about an individual and some can be quite entertaining and fun as well. If this is your first time here, welcome! I’m Shauna and i’m going to take you on a trip down memory lane.

Jamaica  celebrated their 54th independence on Aug o6, and i thought to finish off the celebrations, i’d quickly do the Jamaican tag, what this is really are a few questions that give an insight into our beautiful country.

Here goes!

1.When was the last time in Jamaica?

I was In Jamaica in February.

2.What Jamaican dish do you enjoy?

I have a very long list as i do love Jamaican food. My favourite however is Ackee and saltfish. So delicious!



3.Household items that best resembles your culture?

The only things i have that resembles my culture are coffee and meat or fish seasoning. Jamaica has one of the best tasting coffees around, in my opinion! a cup of this in the morning, sets the tone for an amazing day.



4.Say something in your Jamaican dialect

Haha, this never gets old! i’ve been put on the spot so many times, but because i’m a good sport, i never back down. Here’s one ‘me luv unuh’ (I love you guys). I crack myself up writing in patois (our dialect), and it’s even harder to read!

5.Which part of Jamaica are you from?

I was born in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, but spent some years in Clarendon, which is another parish in Jamaica.

6.What do you like most about the Jamaican culture?

The food, our Reggae music, especially old school Reggae, our rich heritage and our people.

7.Favourite places in Jamaica to visit?

I have quite a few but Portland stands out for me. I recently went there and i fell in love, it’s located on Jamaica’s Northeast Coast and it boasts places like The Blue Lagoon, Reach Falls, Rafting down the Rio Grande, Frenchman’s Cove and so much more.

Reach Falls

reach falls

Rafting down the Rio Grande


Blue Lagoon


8. Places you recommend to people visiting Jamaica.

Portland, which i just mentioned, Ocho Rios, Negril, Montego Bay and of course Kingston. There are so many other places that are worth visiting. I say try to see all  14 parishes if you have time, they are all amazing and have their own unique attractions.

9.What’s the best memory you had in jamaica?

I have so many great memories of Jamaica, growing up with friends, story telling, playing games, of course there were no computers or internet, so we had no choice but to be very active and we appreciated that way of life!

I have been residing in Antigua for many years, but i’ll never forget my sweet land Jamaica!

Thank you for stopping by, i hope you enjoyed reading.

Love Shaunz xo


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