My favourite Summer jewellery pieces


Earrings- Select.  Bracelet- Select



Choker necklace- Missguided



Statement necklace- Topshop


Happy 1st of August, i’m going to be a bit biased by saying it’s the best month of the year, just because it’s my birth month, haha.

Right, let’s get into these jewellery pieces, now there isn’t much to say about them as they all speak for themselves! statement, chunky, choker, whatever style they are, i’m in. I like to accessorise my simple outfits by wearing a necklace that draws attention, it straight away makes you look glam, without trying too hard.

Earrings are  my favourite pieces of jewellery to wear, they add so much life to the entire look, it doesn’t matter if they are small dainty ones or big lavish ones! I honestly feel half dressed if i’m not sporting some earrings of some kind. If i had to choose between a necklace, a ring or a bracelet, hands down it would be earrings!

Now when it comes on to rings, i’ve never been much of a fan, i don’t know why that is. I guess my fingers feel a bit restricted when i do wear rings. However there are some that are now on trend called the midi rings, i actually like them. You can stack them up, they are quite light weight and very easy to wear!

Bracelets too are other pieces of jewellery that i like to wear as well. The arm cuffs are very trendy too, in fact i don’t think they ever went out of style, they just evolve.


What are your favourite jewellery pieces? Do check out my video, where i’ve showcased different pieces, let me know which you liked best. Thanks for watching.

Love, Shaunz x


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