L.A. Girls matte flat velvet lipsticks



Bliss-Bold fuchsia



Love Triangle- Regal purple



Snuggle- True nude




Hot Stuff- Orangey red




Gossip- cherry red

Happy Friday guys!

Do you remember what a huge sensation the L.A.Girls liquid lipsticks were? Not only were they affordable, but their pigmentation and longevity were amazing. Now me being the person who lives for the hype on any makeup product, decided to try out their matte lipsticks. To be truly honest i was a tad bit disappointed. They aren’t exactly matte, there is still a bit of sheen even when they’ve been on the lips for a few minutes. They aren’t as highly pigmented as the liquid lipsticks are and as for the lasting power, not so much!

At the price they are being sold for i guess there isn’t really much to throw a fit about! I got mine from Beauty Bay for £5 each. The upside is they have a wide variety of shades to choose from and they are cruelty-free as well!

Have a watch and let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks for stopping by.

Love Shaunz xo

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