Violet Voss ‘Drenched Metal’ palette





It’s very rare that i splurge on eyeshadow palettes just because the market is over saturated with good quality, inexpensive ones! I however came across this one and i couldn’t contain myself, i loved every single detail.

Though it was a bit pricey, a whopping price tag of £34.50, i bit the bullet and treated myself, i work hard so why not? Very question i ask myself each time to justify my buys haha.

I’m quite elated with my purchase, God knows i would’ve been highly disappointed if this palette was not up to scratch! Here’s why.

It has 19 metallic shades and 1 matte. Beautiful, pigmented, easy to blend colours housed in a very sleek palette. Just the very thought of being able to create neutral or bold looks with this stunner made me not think of the amount i spent! It’s very much worth it. I’ll be playing a lot with it so keep your eyes peeled.

The palette contains;

Poppin- Cool rose pink

Kisses- Muted champagne pink

Confession- Muted coral

Crushed it- Golden chocolate

Secret- Matte creamy coffee

I’m So Fancy-Rich turquoise

Mermaid Vixen- Aquatic green

Grunge- Bronzed coffee

Minx- Ancient bronze

Squad goals- Caramel

Frisky- Dark navy

Dark Desires- Regal purple

Slaycation- Dark brown with forest green tones

Come thru- Sandy gold with neutral undertones

Livin- Dusty bronze

Shade- Metallic silver with brown undertones

Bliss- Egyptian cool gold

Huntress- Rich coffee with bronze undertones

Forbidden- Muted burgundy with rose pink tones

Midnight Tryst- True jet black

Description of this palette was provided by the website i purchased it from

I did a video sharing my thoughts. Thanks for stopping by.



Shaunz xo



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