Nailed it!

Happy Friday my darlings!

Wow can you believe we are actually starting a new month? The summer seems to be shaping up very nicely for me and i hope it’s doing the same for you too, with that being said let’s move on to the topic at hand, no pun intended.


I’ve always been into nails, be it my own or acrylics. I remember many years ago, all i ever wore were acrylics mainly because i was tired of the polish chipping and my natural nails breaking off! Bad idea, the constant filing and filling did a rather awful number on my nails. My friend encouraged me to give it a break and just polish my own so they could recover, i was a bit adamant but i did so.

After taking a very long break and caring for my natural nails, they grew very beautifully and i was proud. I made a promise Β to myself that i’d never go back to wearing acrylics. That promise didn’t last very long, haha. Seeing all these fancy styles and shapes i was mesmerised, so back to acrylics i went.

I’m a bit more sensible now i must say, as i try not to wear the acrylic nails for too long so basically i give my own nails a break say every four months.

I went to a nail salon in my village to have my nails redone. While i sat there and chit-chatted with the nail technician, i had a glimpse at her nails and i fell in love, i immediately asked her what she had done and she quickly said they are gel nails. She then explained how she did them and i was quite intrigued, as it meant i didn’t have to put acrylics on! I had to try that technique out as i’ve never done it before,and it’s not harsh on the nails. I know gel nails are nothing new but for me it is and so far i’m impressed.

Those are my natural nails above, i’m absolutely loving the shape, colours used and the technique, now they can breathe. If this technique does last for two or more weeks, as i was told, i may not go back to wearing acrylics, so let’s put this gel polish to the test!

Nails done at K&K nails, in Storrington, West sussex, England. Very friendly and warm staff.

Have a great weekend!

Shaunz x



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