My travels-Barcelona (cont’d)

Hey guys!

My trip to Barcelona was nothing short of awesome, quite a short visit but i did manage to see a few sites. One of the places i visited was the Museum of arts (Museu nacional D’Art De Catalunya), which is said to have the best collection of Romanesque mural paintings in the world, and they also featured artists of Catalan Modernism including Gaudi and Casas. If you’re very much into arts, you would have found it quite fascinating,  but unfortunately i didn’t get to see them due to lack of time! From this museum you got panoramic city views and the water features at the front added a nice touch. I couldn’t miss out on a photo.

Other places i visited were La Sagrada Familia, (which is the church on the top right hand corner). This was an Antoni Gaudi Cornet design, (he was an Architect from Barcelona known for being innovative with distinctive designs).They started building it over 100 years ago and it’s still under construction! This church is a sight to see, very intricate details and it’s said to be one of the most visited monuments in Spain. Again i didn’t get a chance to see the interior which was a bit disappointing, but it’s definitely worth seeing.

The highlight of my trip was going to Montserrat, a multi peaked mountain located near the city of Barcelona (bottom right). There is a Monastery there as well. To get there, there were a few train rides involved, one from Placa Espanya  where i stayed, then there’s one that took us up to Montserrat, and this was the fun part, as the train drove through the rock formation mountains and the views were quite superb! There was also the option of taking the cable cars which would take less time to get up the mountain. We also went on a very small train called the funicular, it took us to the very top where the views were meant to be spectacular, but it was rainy and cloudy so there wasn’t much we could see. This is also a great place of interest, very much worth visiting.

As for food, there is one Restaurant called  Casa de Tapas Canota, located on Carrer de Lleida, they served really great Tapas and i enjoyed it there, so check them out if you’re ever in Barcelona.

Their market was heaving with fresh fruits, vegetables, seafoods and meats.You can also enjoy meals that they prepared right there for you, such a busy place and everyone seemed genuinely happy.

As i had mentioned in my previous post, i don’t think i would’ve even scratched the surface, as it’s quite a big city but i made the most of my time there and overall it was amazing.

Where to next? Guess we’ll see!


See video of my time there, hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching.

Love Shaunz x

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