Affordable eyeshadow palette!






Who says you have to break the bank on makeup? The answer is you don’t need to, there are brands out there that will cater to your budget and do just the same as the higher end brands.

This technic electric twelve eyeshadow, pigmented, beautiful palette could be yours for just under £4! Yes just under £4!. I say this is a steal of a deal, you can create gorgeous looks from this palette without having to spend ridiculous money.

I’m a bargain hunter and a very smart one too, i know when something is of good quality because i take the time to research and run my tests before i rave about it/them.

This is a perfect palette for neutral eyeshadow lovers or if you’re new to makeup. The packaging is pretty decent too.

This will surely become one of my go-to palettes, what will yours be?

Love Shaunz x



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